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Born a lion

I don't bother trying to act tame

drawing pictures in invisible ink
asofterworld owns me

I'm georgia. I don't capitalize it, but I don't much care if you do. I'm an environmental scientist and and a writer, and aware of the contradiction. I think the world is going to hell in a handbasket most days and I'm not sure what to do about that. But I'll figure it out.

I read a lot, quite fast and quite often. I used to write a lot, but am less inclined to do so now. I like tea, massages, baking, and anyone who makes baked goods I can eat. I'm vegetarian and allergic to dairy, which makes my life difficult.

I like Shakespeare, and Shakespeare relevant things. Bad grammar and spelling make me cry. I used to be a journalist, but the quality of journalism in my country is rapidly going downhill, so I ditched that. I'm still in the habit of having an opinion on everything - but that's okay, 'cause if you have a good argument, I'll change my mind and start arguing your opinion. I was very successful at philosophy.

My friending policy is fairly open. Provided you can spell and you're not a total jackass, I will friend you. If you get friended and then don't comment, it will piss me off. If I know you in real life, I may not friend you just because I don't need the angst. I reserve the right to defriend at will, but usually won't.

If you have a problem with my race, age, gender, friending practices, writing skills, writing topics, politics, sexuality, music tastes, clothing tastes, earring preferences, icons, photos, descriptions or opinions, well, I don't really care, so go away. There's a whole internet out there for you to annoy, so get out of my corner.

Okay with all that? Go read my journal. Comment to be added.

I also blog at Wordpress, so feel free to follow my more scientific musings there.